grc - glass fibre reinforced concrete

GFRC or GRC is glass fibre reinforced concrete.

GRC is one of the most advantagues construction materials because of it's high flexural strength and possibility to be shaped in complicated forms.

GRC is a lightweight concrete that uses alkali resistant glass fibres instead of traditional steel reinforcement.

grc - glass fibre concrete

GRC consists of portland cement, silica sand, admixtures and glass fibres.

This unique composition makes GRC popular choice for architects and designers.

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01. first used in 1970's

GFRC as we know it today with alkali resistant glass fibre was first used in the 1970’s. 

02. lightweight material

GRC can be even 80% lighter than traditional pre-cast concrete panels. The weight saving is achieved through the reduced thickness of components which are usually 12-20mm thick. 

03. endless possibilities

GRC panels can be shaped to any form. WIth suitable moulds and sprayed technique GRC manufacturers can bring most demanding architectural ideas into life. 

04. high flexural strength

Thanks to glass fibres GRC is highly resistant to live and dynamic loads. It’s flexural strength can reach over 20MPa for 12mm samples.

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