GRC cladding installation details


GRC Cladding has become more and more popular choice as an architectural finish material. People consider Glass fibre reinforced concrete cladding as a relatively new type of construction material. Although, the construction industry has been using it for over 50 years it’s only getting more attention in the 21st century. GRC cladding is very versatile […]

GRC facade projects around the world


GRC facade projects can be seen all around the globe. This post will be updated on regular basis to list buildings with GRC facades. It may look like a small database with GRC projects. Of course we don’t participate in all of these projects, just some of them. Nevertheless, I think it is worth to¬† […]

GFRC panels and quality control during production


A few years ago our customer for the London tunnel project approached me and asked me to prepare a presentation about some of the quality topics in reference to our works package – GFRC panels. I decided to give a short speech about the quality processes that we used in manufacturing of GFRC panels. I […]